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Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse

Are you a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of a Boy Scout leader? You are not alone. Thousands of men across the country have opened up about abuse during their time as a Scout. For years, these men suffered in silence. Some never told anyone. Others reported it at the time, only to have their trauma swept under the rug. 

No matter how you chose to handle your pain, please know that you deserve to be heard. The person who hurt you and the organization that protected him should be held accountable. At The Marcowitz Law Firm, we can help.

Our sexual abuse attorneys understand how difficult it can be to talk about this trauma. We also understand that you may have many questions about the legal process and your privacy. Our attorneys can meet with you in a free, confidential consultation to walk you through what to expect. We respect your boundaries, and there will be no pressure to make any decisions if you are not ready.

Contact us today to learn more. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation for the pain you’ve been put through. Let us help.  

It Is Not Too Late to Demand Justice

It is common for survivors of sexual abuse to not report it. Especially if you were abused as a child by someone you trusted, you likely did not know where to turn for help. Tragically, Scout leaders should have been trusted adults, people whom young boys could count on to protect them and do the right thing. But when the adult you trust is the one who abuses you, what do you do?

Now, as an adult, you have the understanding and the power to speak up. Even if the sexual abuse happened many years ago, you still have legal rights to demand justice. In New York, the Child Victims Act protects the rights of survivors who need time to come forward. Criminal charges can be brought until the survivor’s 28th birthday, and survivors have until they turn 55 to file a civil lawsuit.

The Child Victims Act, passed in 2019, also created a “look-back window” that allows survivors of any age to bring claims against their abusers. Currently, child sexual abuse survivors have until Aug. 14, 2020, to file a lawsuit. This includes people who were abused in the Boy Scouts, as well as those who were victims of Catholic Church clergy and other institutions that allowed abuse.

Different states have different time limits for filing a claim. Complicating matters is the fact that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has filed for bankruptcy. As part of the BSA bankruptcy filing, survivors only have until Nov. 16, 2020, to file a claim against the national organization. After that date, survivors will be limited to filing claims against local councils.

If you were sexually abused while in the Boy Scouts, now is the time to learn about your legal rights. Please come forward and join the thousands of other survivors who are demanding justice.

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse?

Survivors of Boy Scouts sexual abuse have reported a range of traumatic experiences. Many children don’t realize how wrong a Scout leader’s behavior was until they are older. Some of the scenarios that are considered abuse include:

  • Physical touching intended to sexually arous
  • Exposure of genitals (including if there was no touching)
  • Inappropriate photographs of you (whether nude or suggestive)
  • Any activity aimed at sexually arousing the adult
  • Instructions to perform sexual activity with another Scout
  • Penetration or oral sex
  • Being shown pornographic materials
  • Sexually inappropriate conversations or messages
  •  Abuse that occurred outside of official Scout activities, such as at a Scoutmaster’s home

If you are ready to talk about what happened to you during your time in the Scouts, please contact our experienced child sexual abuse attorneys now. We have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual abuse. We can explain your legal rights in a free, confidential consultation.

History of Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Cases

The Boy Scouts have long been known to protect pedophiles in their ranks. The organization kept a private list of Scout leaders and other staff who had been accused of sexually abusing young boys. In some cases, the organization is accused of letting these men move among troops, TIME reports. 

With lawsuits mounting against the Boy Scouts, a judge in 2010 ordered that the private list of predators be made public. The list is known as the “Perversion Files,” of “P Files.” It revealed that 12,254 boys reported sexual abuse between 1944 and 2016. It also listed 7,800 abusers. However, experts interviewed by TIME noted that there were likely many more victims who were intimidated into never coming forward.

What to Expect When You Talk to a Lawyer About Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse

We understand how hard it is to open up about the trauma you have experienced. Our knowledgeable lawyers have handled many of these sensitive cases. We will work at your comfort level to help you share your story and identify your legal options. When you schedule a free consultation with our Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawyers, here are some of the questions we will ask:

·         When did the abuse happened? (It is OK if you do not remember exact dates, just an approximation of the time period.)

  • What was the name of your Boy Scout group and where was it located?
  • What was the name of your abuser?
  • Where did the abuse take place?
  • Did you report the abuse when it happened? (Do not worry if you did not report it back then. Many children did not, and that will not hurt your case.)

After we document the details of your case, our legal team will begin investigating and gathering evidence to support your claim. We will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of what to expect as we prepare your lawsuit. Ultimately, we will be demanding financial compensation for the abuse you experienced and the effect it has had on your life. We will fight to hold the Boy Scouts accountable for the pain you have been put through.

Contact The Marcowitz Law Firm today to learn about your legal rights in a free and confidential consultation. We respect your courage in coming forward and will support you through this process.

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